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Throughout the MIS program, I have gained knowledge of information science concepts, most notably in information retrieval, technology and digital literacy, and the social impacts of information. 

Along with the lessons from this program, my experience working various positions in the Ottawa Public Library (OPL), at the University of Ottawa Press, and acting as a Co-Presdent of the MIS program's student executive have also supplied me with important skills such as research and evaluation skills and communication and teamwork skills. 

This website serves as an interactive online portfolio of my experiences, efforts, and skillsets that will ultimately help me in my future career. 

Through my studies in the University of Ottawa’s Information Studies program and my experiences working and volunteering, my goal of becoming a librarian in the public library system has become achievable.

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Important information gained from my experience in the MIS program 


Skills I have gained from both academic and from professional experiences

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Experiences I've gained from associations, extra activities, and volunteer positions

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